Hi Margaret - yes, the exploration of diet is very intriguing at the moment. Synchronicities are showing me the word "hybrid" everywhere. I feel like I'm in a hybrid state right now. Fairly recently I moved into 18/19 hour a day intermittent fasting. Which has been tremendous. It's allowing the body to rest internally more, rejuvenate more easily and allows for much greater expansion of consciousness - I find myself travelling astrally a good deal more.

However, it's moved into a new phase now. So before eating, I'm feeling very light and expanded, flowing easily. But after eating, more often feeling quite bloated, slow and heavy (even on plant food). Plus I can literally feel the various chemicals from the food channeling around my body - into the brain for example, it's almost like a cloud passing through it. 

I'm also exploring how the 'light' interacts with my body. You mention DNA - this feels like the key. DNA is a receiver/transmitter of frequency, of information, of light! I'm exploring dormant strands of DNA, how they might become activated during soul infusion and embodiment, and then how this might support the regeneration of internal processes by channeling energy from the field. It's a fascinating exploration for sure.

I get a sense from your sharing that exploring how the endocrine system works will be interesting. 

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