Very intriguing indeed. Interesting how this experience took you deep into the internal felt sense. Thank you for sharing that. You said:


I'm exploring dormant strands of DNA, how they might become activated during soul infusion and embodiment, and then how this might support the regeneration of internal processes by channeling energy from the field. It's a fascinating exploration for sure.


I've been curious about it as well. As I understand it at the moment, light is information, which is consciousness. The degree to which we can decode this information depends on the state of our body’s circuitry. Imagine your body being an electromagnetic decoding instrument with a complex bio-electric circuits, and antennae of sorts. We’re constantly bathing in the source consciousness, often unable to metabolize it. The nervous system receives the information, which is then translated by the endocrine system into the cellular language and circulated through the body. When the proper information reaches the DNA molecules its resonance awakens the dormant genes.


Our bio-circuitry is disjointed due to the intervention, social programming, pollutants, even excessive exercise, etc. All this is “designed” to subdue our ability to decode light to the minimum necessary only to our physical survival. To reconnect the individual circuits, working with the decoding instrument, the body is beneficial. Sometimes people experience spontaneous reconnections, rapid awakenings, great spiritual consciousness expansions. Notice how they are always followed by changes in the physical vehicle, be it dietary requirements, shifts of structures, especially within the cranium, etc. Most of us probably know someone who’s been through a jump of consciousness. Have you noticed how their face changed? People’s facial bones get rearranged as the result of expanded consciousness and they don’t even know that!


What I’ trying to say here is that when you pair your exploration of consciousness with the awareness around embodiment, the sky is the limit. There is a deep potent force within each of us that we are not even accessing, because most likely we are not paying attention to it.


So, how to reconnect with this wonderful bio-electric mind-blowing technology that we have at our disposal? 


Body meditations supporting the shift of consciousness

Meditate on your body systems. Pick one, any one and take a quick look at anatomical drawings, you may want to read up on physiology, if you feel drawn. The body is often blind to itself, due to our lack of awareness of it or dissociation from it. During body meditations it is important to maintain a gentle awareness as the body doesn’t respond well to a strong focus or intention. Just invite it to reveal itself. Nothing is separate from anything else in the body. It is a living continuum with the smallest unit, the cell, being sentient and so complex that it’s beyond our comprehension. Stay with the totality of your body, the wonder of it, recognize that it consists mainly of water, can you feel the fluids flowing within your systems? The fluids allow for the chemical processes to take place, they allow for the transfer of decoded information to your cells. Every thought, every emotion, what you were able to decode from the field eventually finds its way to your cells. The messengers of the nervous, endocrine and immune system interact with every cell of your body all the time. What are you feeding your cells? When you supply the right tone to your system, the right mixture of chemical ingredients, the DNA within your cells will react to it. Its dormant strands will wake up. 

Example meditation

How might we want to connect to the thyroid gland (paraphrased from my cranio teacher, Ged): You’ll find your thyroid right at the centre of your throat, in between two powerful blood flows. Glands love being near blood supplies and energetic centers. Coming into felt  sense awareness of it is easy. Simply bring your awareness down from your mouth and jaw and glide down at the front of your throat. The throat is a mix of muscles, cartilage and bone, try connecting to all these different textures and elements… then, see if you can find a different feel, the feel of the glandural cells. They are completely enmeshed in a rich capillary network. Sit with the feeling of your thyroid. How active does it feel? The glands may feel soft and you may sense a pumping sensation from them. The main secretion of the thyroid is thyroxine, so the tone of the gland will be felt in conjunction of the level of secretions of that hormone. Feel the wholeness of your body and follow the circulation of thyroxine through the circulatory system to all the cells. This is the hormonal space of thyroid. Stay with it.


Have fun!