This is powerful Margaret - a moving sharing. This especially struck me...

Stay with the totality of your body, the wonder of it, recognize that it consists mainly of water, can you feel the fluids flowing within your systems? The fluids allow for the chemical processes to take place, they allow for the transfer of decoded information to your cells. Every thought, every emotion, what you were able to decode from the field eventually finds its way to your cells. The messengers of the nervous, endocrine and immune system interact with every cell of your body all the time. What are you feeding your cells?

Beautiful! I can feel another key, thankyou.

I find myself still fascinated at the moment by DNA. It's curious, because as I understand it, scientists don't fully know why the cells do what they do - what is it that tells them how to process? You could say DNA, and for sure that's where the cells get their information. But where's the information coming from? In nature for example, how does a nest of termites build underground chambers that create the perfect temperature environment for their offspring, where scientists with the most advanced computers could not? In my knowing, a highly evolved devic consciousness holds the 'knowing wisdom' for a particular 'branch of separation consciousness' - for a species. And to me, that holds a fundamental clue to how the body works - there's a devic consciousness that holds the intelligence, which is then channeled through DNA (a receiver/transmitter of frequency). 

I do know, that when the Lemurians first came here many moons ago, they were living on light. And that they helped seed the first 'hybrid' humans, who were able to process both light and matter. The inquiry/remembering continues.

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