There is so much light coming through these days and what comes to the forefront for me is the ability to be nimble (not attached to any status quo or version of reality). I am invited to be willing to meet brand new realities that reveal themselves with each wave of light. The guidance becomes increasingly clear and my soul and body are really coming into the new level of alignment (doing tons of embodiment exercises and meditation, but also hanging out with lovely people and just being). It feels a bit like I’ve been waiting for this particular time to assemble and anchor in my energy. I'm finally feeling like I'm home...

My energy wants to be focused and clear. There is lots of shedding of old beliefs still, but not as much through working with the density and getting to the bottom of the pain. Currently it is more about releasing the memories of old experiences that are obsolete. They played their role, were integrated well and there is no need to recall them anymore! My memories of events are changing and some are literally being purged (it feels like I do not have access to some anymore!). The reality is being replaced by a brand new one and I do not find any hardship in those changes. It feels more like a relief (perhaps it’s the clarity that feels really empowering?).


Some abilities kicked in and I’m very curious as to how they will be (or perhaps already are?) put to work eventually. There is a tremendous sense of compassion and lack of interest in tampering with what is. Also there is a sense of increased awareness as far as presence of different beings, universes, planets, entities of different origins and energy spectrums and how we all interact.


Another new thing for me is the sense that what is playing out has already played out before and it’s all an iteration of a past story. I feel I want to bring more consciousness in this time. At the same time the sense of time had changed with me now traversing through different moments in time as opposed to time passing by in a linear fashion. Few times I experienced being in a multitude different alterations of this life (past present future) and other versions of it where my consciousness just spilled through all of them at the same time and without time. 


Anyways, that’s my bit. Seems like it covers some of the shift symptoms mentioned above. Big hug to you Open and ALL Openhanders and anybody who is connecting. 


With tons of love!