Hi Tracy - I can empathise with you - a lot of people go through this place in the Shift.

It often happens when we hit an internal 'watershed' in how we create in life. I call it the 'Realignment' or REAL-lignment! So prior to this, there's a programming to achieve certain goals and gain resources by working to create things 'out there'. But then a realisation dawns that this is all illusion. What's really going on is that the Universe is inviting us to express beingness.

At this point, often things can fall apart in our outside lives. And people then need to get used to coming only from authentic beingness. It can take a while to adjust, before this new found beingness creates all of its own accord. Then manifestation begins to create around you.

If this does resonate, and you are in this kind of place, then what I observe best helps, is simply to continue to work to integrate authentic beingness and keep coming from that place - to take pleasure and joy in it, even if anxiety arises about how to live from this place.

Sure enough, the right things will start to create around you.

Wishing you well

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