Its been about 10 days since doing the retreat in Mozambique. 

Like many others who landed on this page, I have felt loads of the symptoms you mention.... I can look back and see them reaching a "crescendo" just before Mozambique. A feeling of being on the cusp.

What a privilege to spend five days just allowing myself to look deeply into these sensations and thoughts I've been having. Also, to be surrounded by people who were willing and able to speak freely and consciously about their own similar "symptoms". What I loved about the retreat/workshop most is the free flow of ideas, and never having the sense of someone placing their own parameters on the process. 

Returning back to earth, a symptom I experience now is an overriding sense of air blowing through my heart, that makes me feel so peaceful and accepting of day to day life. I am no longer attached to any particular outcome. Or person, for that matter. 

Also, when I cry, it is no longer for myself or a particular person or situation. I can't imagine crying in that selfish manner anymore. Crying seems more intended for expressing  a realisation, like when the pain and beauty of existence make sense, for the first time, for just a split second. 

Lots of love and light, from the tip of Africa

Starry Eve