Hi Open

I have had a lot of change since starting the 5D meditation. I realised quite quickly that I had a very deep connection when I did this which needed a good 10 minutes quiet before connecting with anyone in the 3D as I was really somewhere else. I also went into the garden and felt as though the plants and I were one... something I had only felt previously with clouds. Very beautiful.

I feel very high quite often and had to find a grounding meditation that I could do anywhere as it would happen randomly ..."teal swan" have a very easy one that I have used.

Then last week I started to feel I was  becoming rather strange, and then I became very depressed and spent 2 days doing nothing as I had no energy at all ....I had been emailing Jean and asked him for his opinion as I couldn't get my head together..he thought it was very ancient kharma and suggested I did the usual "show me" ...it worked instantly and I saw  piles of dead bodies sliding into a pit. I realised I had been having slight kharma waves but I could see no trigger and dismissed it. But now I realised it was brought on by the Syria crisis and my realisation of what was happening...then going back to Sirius and Auschwitz ..the connection was complete and I soon felt ok again.

I also felt deserted and lost and wanted my twin flame connection, I surrendered this as it wasn't working and almost immediately synchronicity appeared on that front to my surprise so I felt I had my connection with the universe. Also a small child in work yesterday who kept coming and patting me very gently and a lady who was moved to tears by what I had done to help her very ill father all felt that I was being reminded that I was on the path.

The longing to be with people who understand has been strong and to know what exactly is expected of me and have someone to do whatever it is with...apologies for the poor grammar!

I had headaches which I think are crown chakra related and am meditating a lot which feels very good.

Much Love