Dear Open and all those tuning in ,

The last 2 days I have these almost electrical pulses on the left side of my body. It feels tight in my body and mind. The focus of internal inquiry has shifted so to speak from my hips to the left side of my body . I am seeing/ feeling waves of energy  moving into the left side. In my hips now I tend to visualize beautiful geometric shapes almost like a hologram . On the left side though I feel a lot of Fear. And it's a challenge to stay present with the sensations. In my external mirror I am currently inundated with premature children . I have 4 less than 900 grams which is extremely challenging.I find there is a sudden influx of preemies during energetically challenging time. This time I have a little 510 gram boy - my smallest one yet ! At a party which transformed into a women's circle a healer came up to me and basically said the entire purpose of her coming there was to meet me and help resolve my past lives . 

I was prompted Healing dragon meditation. For.some.reason it's the only one I didn't have . Holey Moley ! I have started experiencing the fire in the pelvis . Strong waves of energy seem to go up into the heart centre regularly . I am also having headaches . I can feel energy moving up ,sometimes.down especially when I fall off the bandwagon with respect to diet . 

It's been a somewhat overwhelming and intense time in the last week. I am somehow hanging in there !!