Hello All

Feel I've arrived slightly late to this party, but glad to be here. I've been experiencing most if not all of these 'symptoms', some for several years now, and some only in recent weeks. I was particularly glad to see the comment from Margaret on 05/28/18, as I woke up one morning several months ago to discover the shape of my skull had changed overnight, something which I have not as yet discussed with anyone (how do you even start that conversation?) Going down the list, I guess it started back in 2011 when I became aware of an overwhelming desire to relocate to Scotland, because somehow it felt like going 'home' (I'm still in Cornwall, but I understand now that I still had a lot of work to do here before being ready for that move). I've also had the left-sided experience referred to by Megha, which for me started last October (a lifetime of lower density stuff to work through), but what's been most interesting for me in the last few weeks are the almost daily deja-vu experiences, and a sense of being in two different places at the same time. It's a difficult experience to articulate, but it's as if my conscious awareness is split between my physical location and somewhere else, a place I can't readily define as it's more of a feeling. In the moments when this happens I feel an incredible sense of peace and serenity, and also of possibility, something waiting patiently to come through, so close I can almost touch it. Interesting times indeed.


Love to All