Hi Allister - greetings, welcome to Openhand Call Me HandPraying Emoji

More and more people are stepping forwards with these kinds of experiences now. On my journey they literally just appear out of the woodwork. I'm here in Australia right now preparing for a "Living the Shift" retreat here. I was sitting by the pool amongst the bamboo trees after a long journey, just resting, when literally someone popped out of the trees and a conversation started all about these kinds of symptoms. Lovely connections!

We are indeed living in two worlds not one. So at times you're going to feel the higher flow, and sometimes a kind of time warp in the lower one, which is moving much more slowly. Hence the deja vu experiences happening.

We just have to keep working through the inner density, living the higher paradigm now. Until eventually the old one peels off.

Glad to have you along

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