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Dear Open ,

I did the Openhand Bow meditation in response to a deep pain of abandonment that was triggered by an innocuous comment about someone. It's a deep pain in the heart . As I did the bow ,I actually saw how that pain spread to the left side of my being . Could see how the energy which on the right side is branching like a magnificent tree was coiled up and knotty. For the first time I really 'saw ' how this tightness that is old karma informed and caused so many of the circumstances in my life . I also felt.many of the sensations opening up but I need to work with the particular contraction much more . I was sobbing throughout . Also ,I saw the energy braiding together from my crown to my base ,in my base it reached lower and became beautiful iridescent roots . I saw the planet as well as the sun ,I felt their relationship . It was a beautiful experience and I really wanted to share . I have done the Bow before but it seemed to ' sink in' only today 

Lots of love !