Sounds like a tremendous experience Megha - thanks for sharing with the community Thumbs Up Sign

Wit regards the Bow, the benefit builds from accumulation. So for example, try practicing it every day in the morning for a few weeks and see what the effect is then. I vary my daily meditations but probably incorporate the bow about 5 times per week into a session. I'll usally do it three times in succession. I was doing it this morning for example at Phoenix Rising with the sun coming up. It can begin to feel like your whole body is dematerialising!

The other thing that occured to me for both you and Allister (and others), is how the tightness you're experiencing down the left side of the body might also relate to "Bloodline Karma". What is this?

You'll be carrying family specific conditioning within your DNA and cellular memory. When someone becomes consciousness within a particular bloodline, it becomes possible to heal that karma on behalf of the whole group. So there's an invitation to regress backwards through the sense and feeling of the challenges of your parents and ancestors. To feel it within your body, bring attention to it in meditation (like for example using the Openhand Bow, and then feeling the unwinding effect of that line of karma. If you connect up, it will most likely feel deeply healing.

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