Hi Allister,

Your post caught my attention and I’m also really glad that you find my remarks helpful.


The skull is a flexible structure and the changes in its shape might shift other structures as well. There might be lots going on physically as we move to a new level of consciousness, because the body is getting used to the new way of processing by adjusting hormonal secretions, creating/collapsing nerve connections, etc. 


As we are moving through waves of consciousness expansion we encounter unknown experiences that may trigger a degree of anxiety, bliss and everything in between. I feel it is very important to stress that no matter how those new experiences feel, a strong degree of discernment is always a great idea. Not all that feels pleasant is good for us and vice versa. 


The below is an example of a split-consciousness-implant experienced by one of my Clients:


The Client was feeling she existed in 2 places at the same time. She reported a pleasant sensation each time she allowed for the split, which after a few months from the initial experience was almost continuous. Her body was rewiring physically to accommodate this new way of functioning. As I was talking to her, the impression was that she was only partially present in the moment. She had no insights as far as where the “missing” portion of her awareness was located. In time, even though it still felt “good” and “peaceful” it began to affect her life in a negative manner. That is when she asked for assistance in exploring how can she maintain the split while still functioning well in the present life. Long story short – during one of the sessions the Client was able to focus on bringing her whole self in the moment and immediately noticed a “buzzing presence” pulling her consciousness into the split state. It felt sickening to her and she wanted to remove it. The effects were immediate. She reported immediate improvement in her eye sight, feeling of clarity. When she looked back at the previous state (all in the same session) it felt "creepy" and nauseating. She also noticed neglected areas of her life that she abandoned as the demands for the awareness split grew. Last time I talked to her she was totally present, but still occasionally experienced pulls to spread her consciousness. We figured she could refocus back by saying out loud the date, time and the location she was when the urges were happening. 


Conclusions: There was an obvious implant that created consciousness funneling possibly to some remote grid. The implant had a mechanism where the Client's consent was rewarded with an artificial bliss and peace. Because of how it was “installed” it appeared it wasn’t a benevolent structure.  


(Big thanks to my Client who agreed for me to present this case here)


What I’m trying to say is that not all that shines is gold and the best “judge” of what is going on is you.


Below are some useful questions to ask SELF when moving through a new experience:


  • What is actually happening (emotionally, physically, mentally)? (be the witness)
  • What is my interpretation of that and do I feel it is feeding the ego or any of its identities? (how am I engaging with that?)
  • How is it impacting what I’m doing? How might it impact me long term?
  • Is there a sense of an external presence that may be pulling the strings? (this you’ll feel when you meditate with an intention of connecting with your higher self. You’ll get a sense of energies that simply don’t belong)
  • Is this serving me?


Personally, I had some experiences with split consciousness as well. I call it remote viewing as I have clarity (full sensory input) of where I am as well as where I am physically. It is not a continuous sensation though. As far as I understand it at the moment, some of us have the ability to work energetically in different places of the world without the necessity of being there physically. However, it may not always be the right thing to do or the timing may be off. I’ve noticed that it requires a lot from me physically and there is a period of energetic recovery afterwards. I maintain strong discernment around how I manage my energy and whether I wish to engage in experiences like that. 


In La'kesh