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Dear Open ,

That makes so.much sense. A friend and I were having lunch together on a whim . We had a deep detailed discussion on dealing with our childhoods ( hers was particularly traumatic) . Subsequently she has sent me a beautiful book called Complex PTSD by Pete Walker . I have spent the whole of yesterday reading and marvelling at the way he approaches psychological healing as a survivor and a therapist from childhood experiences. He talks about patterns of behaviour running in families and it's just so startlingly accurate ! The other book he has written is called the Tao of Feeling Fully . 

Abandonment of self ,of emotions, of ones truth is a massive karma in my family . As I am learning to feel it's impact ,it's freeing me up to be more vulnerable in so many situations . I love that these two experiences coincided 

Thank you for your insights ❤️❤️❤️