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Hi Margaret - this caught my eye and I felt to jump in. Although I've encountered many 'devious' implants thus far, of all shapes and sizes, I've not seen one that creates the effect you describe. So it's good information to watch for. I can imagine that at one level, OC could use it to remote experience into a reality. I've come across other instances of this but with a different approach (implant filters behind the eyes).

There is definitely another common thread though, which feels different, of 'existing in two places at once', which goes with a sense of 'deja vu'. My feeling is this is likely to be different - one aspect of the self catching up with the other as integration of being happens. That's definitely a general phenomenon.

So I guess the key is to acertain what the experience is doing to the being, is it constant (so perhaps an implant), or is it moving towards integration over time (more natural evolution). That's my initial take on it.

Thanks for sharing, it's good to hear about this. I'll definitely keep my awarness open to the possibility.

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