I've been following this thread with interest.

The comments on multi-dimensionality reminded me of my youth, when my twin sister and I used to experience something we code-named "the clear-cut feeling". It was a momentary experience of shifting into another state of awareness, where time seemed to not exist and the world was made of a series of cogs all inter-connected. Things moved in very slow motion and everything, the entire world, our existence, made complete sense. You could actually experience the concept of being completely connected to everything else. The experience seemed to last a few seconds, and whilst in that state one would continue walking, or whatever you were doing. It was literally like being in two realities at the same time. 

I wonder if anyone else has had anything similar? I've always wondered what it was. The experiences became less and less frequent as we grew older and seemed to only happen in the village where we grew up. 

Could something like that be related to an energy field coming from the earth?