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Hi Open,

Yeah, it was surely a revealing case. I'm uncertain about the specific purpose of this particular implant, but perhaps that is not even of main importance. What is the key, is that all implants result in misuse of one's personal energy and they often create a synthetic reality. 

In the case I described, the client was convinced the experience was authentic in its expansiveness and bliss. She was determined to keep the split and make it work for her. And initially, it probably just consisted of pleasant sensations, then, in time, the destructive undercurrent that was masked by the bliss began revealing itself. As with many other interventions or implants, their toxic influence usually reveals itself after a while. They also get entrenched deeper with time, so it may be tricky to shake them off if they linger. Below are few things that I watch for in myself and clients:

- The first give away may be that the sensations induced by the implant are (in my observation) always addictive (you can also get hooked on the authentic feelings, in either case, if there is an addiction, there is surely work to be done!).

- Another thing one might observe, especially with entrenched implants, is that people often are very protective of the implanted reality. 

- Lost presence, lost memory of an event, sudden gusts of anger or unexpected sexual arousals - this may as well be something else too, but I've noticed that some implants/entities work like scramblers that activate in specific situations.

I think people who awaken are immediately vulnerable to deception as well as, as you described in your books, they may become a target of OC meddling. Therefore it is important to talk about the delusions, practical approaches to potential traps, implants, and a variety of OC shenanigans. It is also important to work through any fear one might have of these things and do not fall for romanticized stories about spiritual experiences, glorification of kundalini activations, etc.