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Hi Allister,

The richness of the human awakening experience is just astounding. What we're chatting about here, the deja-vu, etc. is barely scratching the surface. There is tons of information on the OH forums and you may find some interesting explanations of your experiences here. But ... these are just perspectives and the discomfort of not-knowing sometimes makes us prematurely settle for a truth that may or may not be our own. 

What happens when we're unsure of our reality? We might feel a strong pull to look closer, to investigate, to analyze the details. The perception reshuffles to accommodate this search. We may even set on to seek a confirmation of a particular suspicion and if that is the case, find exactly what we're seeking, not necessarily because it was there, but because of the focus.

There is great wisdom in suspending the judgement of the experience, even just for a moment. This opens up the opportunity to observe what is, notice feelings that are beginning to arise. It may require some courage, to watch this mysterious landscape without interfering. But then, sometimes, the knowing just arises organically, spontaneously, without an effort. It's a beautiful feeling and it always opens doors to more mysteries!