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Yes, these are all good observations indeed about the deception implants cause. As you say, I think there are good indications of an implant disguising itself as something positive, yet then being revealed through unsteady behaviour... - Lost presence, lost memory of an event, sudden gusts of anger or unexpected sexual arousals. Also I would add a disconnect from grounded reality.

I think it's also essential to honour authentic empowered spiritual experience too though - or else fear of distortion might prevent full expression of authentic being. So for example, once kundalini has activated fully, then the spirit light body can become active, and the Merkabah created by bringing the spirit light body down around and through the physical being. It can feel like floating in a bubble of light, very relaxed, surrendered and connected - but critically you're connected to a synchronistic flow, clearly a part of the deeper underlying "5D" movement. Yet crucially it is grounded too - here and now. I'll soon be introducing a new aspect of the Openhand work focussing on this as the vehicle of ascension.

I am aware, and see from what you've also expressed here, that the spirit light body/merkabah, could easily be confused by an implant creating a false bubble of love and light. The crucial difference being that with the merkabah, the feeling of lightness is deeply embodied, and there is no disconnect from the physical/mental experience in the lower densities. And it is clearly backed up by synchronistic flow.

Productive exchanges - thanks for sharing

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