Hi Open,

Today at the Post Office, after I got back in the car, a woman had waited for me to get in, and then came up to the car.  I rolled my window down a bit to see what she wanted.  She said I had made her day because for a minute she thought I was her sister, but her sister had passed away a couple of weeks ago.  She said I looked exactly like her, same hair length, same way of wearing my hair, same body shape, everything.  She wanted so badly to give me a hug but with the virus scare we had to keep our distance.  I would have been thrilled to hug her as I'm a hugger and people are always wanting to hug me.  It was synchronicity because I'd come out to the car to leave and had the thought to go back in and talk with the postal lady at the counter about my mail.  If I'd not done that, I'd have missed the woman who thought I was her sister.  It was after I'd gone back to the car the 2nd time that she drove up and saw me.  So I was paying attention to the prompt to go back inside.

So what was this?  Could this have been a reflection? Angelic vibe? Twin Flame?  I don't know but she was crying and said she felt so blessed.  I'm happy I was able to make her day just by the way I look.  I got blessed by it too!  Who knew...  Angel Halo


Hugs to you too!  Heart Praying Emoji