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Hi Melissa - the first thing to realise in all of these kinds of reactions, is that essentially, they are reactions at a consciousness level. In other words, where the consciousness of the soul identifies in some way with physical reality - where we make the illusion real.

Here's the essential point - it's NOT about curing the symptom. The symptom is a pointer to the deeper causality. The cause is where and why you (at a soul level react) to any given circumstance.

Okay, this may sound a degree gruesome, but I feel given to ask, "what does it feel like to have no voice, to have your 'tongue cut out'?"

Assuming it's karmic related (and they usually always are), the key is to regress into the reaction - to amplify it and let the feeling of it express. Until you can normalise with it. Meaning so totally accepting of it that you don't need it to go away. Then you heal at a soul level through it. Then the symptoms can go away. But crucially it doesn't matter if they do or don't.

We're here to realise at the soul level. And we create the physical mirrors to do that.

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