This is exactly the information that I was looking for.  I have been telling myself that I am a Lightworker and that I want to help ppl transition into 5D but the more I try to do that the more I find you cannot. Source is pulling each and every person towards their true selves every moment of every day, eternally, and there is no need for me to feel as if this is my responsibility. This realization has freed me to seek the information of "how do I go onto 5D"? I was very surprised to find myself here after a Google search especially with all the censorship everyone complains about. Wow! Something just hit me. I have been one of the people who has been upset by the high cost of spiritual information, higher vibratory foods, gatherings of like minded people because I am on disability and can't afford these things and I see everyone in the online spiritual community complaining of de-monitization and censorship yet I always find exactly what I need to hear with little to no cost. I understand that all these wonderful people need to make a living but this will no longer be necessary as we shift into 5D. To those complaining I would stop an accept and allow the transition as these articles suggest. I felt so guilty for thinking that spirituality and money do not belong together because it causes division and infighting in the community and because it prevents a lot of people from fellowship and learning but I have grown exactly as I needed to in the poverty I have experienced my whole life and in fact over the past 15 years I considered myself lucky to have had the peace and quiet of self imposed isolation that has allowed me to have the time to reflect and grow that most have not. I have been very lucky indeed. Thank you for this information it is exactly what I needed to hear. As usual my higher self is always guiding me towards the teachings I need in any given moment.


In love and light