Thank you so much for the beautiful article. This all resonates, as I have been involved in my own personal and spiritual development when I was 25 back in 2006. I am definitely experiencing all of these 5D ascension shifts (except for 16 & 17 - the kundalini activations) from when (possibly years before, yet in smaller spurts) the COVID-19 Pandemic began since March. This all makes sense, as I lost my favourite uncle (he is now in the afterlife), and I also changed institutes to study IT, of which resulted in cheaper tuition and more time freedom to online learning. 

Have also had a strong pull to move house with a bath tub in the bathroom, right near a beach where I catch a ferry into the city, as opposed to the CBD. I love where I live, yet a move is on the cards. Have noticed that (as a whole) the 3D ego, struggle and stupidity is not bothering me at all (except on the odd occasion), and time flies both at work and during my leisure time etc. Money and bills have never worried me for a long time, as I love the flow in and flow out. I live in abundance/very well off - even working in an entry level retail/hospitality job part-time at present, as I undergo a career transition. Virtually everyone is nice to me, and vice versa. I feel connected to others, nature, and animals. 

Getting body aches and pains, as well as a bit of depression, yet these occasions are short lived, not requiring doctors and medication - yay! Have also noticed my hair and nails growing quickly, and some nights I sleep a lot, and other times I get insomnia. I crave meditation and plenty of water. My yoga practice is also strong. And a long-term relationship ended due to my partner having an affair with another woman...I know that I'll now attract a truly loving and honest man by letting go. Have also had a few strong progressive and regressive dreams. 

On this ascension and spiritual awakening, there are times when you feel lower than low; yet my vibration quickly becomes high again. I recently had a psychic reading, and the clairvoyant/medium said that I have just gone through an intense spiritual awakening/I am definitely ascending into 5D, as I am receiving more help from the divine, and loved ones from the afterlife - as if they're sitting down with me having a cup of tea with me. Doing the inner work and being quiet was hard at first, yet comes naturally to me, even working with the inner child. I am about to turn 40, yet I look like I am 20 years of age on the external, and my body inside is also a reflection of this. I also did a massive clean up/declutter of my home during quarantine (despite my house being clutter free prior), and have a pull to ideally make my own clothes and grow my own food/vegetables. Am also more mindful with my actions, and the karmic effects of them. 

Thank you very much again, and namaste. 

Justine x