Dear Open, 

That makes sense with the ringing ears = tuning into a higher frequency. Happens often in bed. 

Been getting chills as well, despite sitting near a heater, and wearing layers of clothes. 

Would these also be 5D ascension symptoms:

* Irregular monthly menstruation with no PMS or period pain/cramps? 

* Tooth aches (no pain, just aching an itchy) - wisdom teeth in particular? 

* More craving of fermented drinks and foods like kombucha and sauerkraut? (In tandem with drinking more water)

* Dehydration? (Despite drinking plenty of fluids)

* Wanting more rest (even though things are flowing, and I am working almost full-time)? 

* Would wanting to spend more time at home count as well? (Even if you live in a city with no lockdown at the time)

Still allowing the calibrations to take effect. 

Also appreciate your assistance here. 

Peace, love and namaste. 

Justine x