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Greetings Neha - welcome to Openhand Praying Emoji

Are you working with energy right now? For me the place where it begins is playing with energy, experimenting with it. Especially by working with plants, trees and the land - feeling the interconnection and how energy moves; noticing how shifts in you impact what happens externally.

Then a key aspect of energy healing is realising that what we're really doing, is acting like a tuning fork - as you resonate aligned authentic frequency of the universe, that encourages the same in those around you. What you really start to do is amplify the universal Torus, as I briefly pointed out in the video below.

And there must be a self-realisation aspect to it aswell. In other words, it's about helping people realise a deeper aspect of self - why did they get blocked in the first place? How were they attaching to reality in a particular way? This can happen through an effective inquiry technique - so it's not about thinking we have to tell people the answer.

I notice with plenty of people, myself included, that as you start to engage in energy practices this way, then people are naturally drawn to you to support their 'healing/illumination'. Best wishes with your endeavours - do stay tuned to Openhand because we're all about this healing/illumination/ascension of consciousness...