I began my awakening in May time when in lockdown with my best friends (who I believed at the time to be my soulmates, and I now know to be part of my soul family and fellow light workers) and we’re fortunate enough to have ascended together at similar paces, this has really helped that ‘I’m going crazy’ feeling! But I now live back at home, and I struggle to be around others that aren’t on my vibrational frequency. I reallllly struggle to sometimes even just have a simple conversation with people still in the 3D world, as it’s often a topic that I feel lowers my vibrations and I just seem to lose my attention span. Will this get easier to handle over time? Either way, I am grateful because for the first time in my life I really enjoy my own company and peace, but it becomes frustrating when people you love and care for aren’t seeing the world for the beauty you do.

I have a deep yearning for helping others see the world as I do, to spread this message of love and light, but I’m figuring out the means to do so. My soul family and I had the idea of a podcast (we’re all natural communicators/entertainers and quite frankly don’t shut up lol), this idea has resonated intensely with us. Do you think this could be the path we are destined for as all three of us resonated?

Anyway thank you, it’s amazing finding pages like this where there’s others going through the same as I am!! Wish you all the best in your ascensions into the 5D world! Love and light xxx