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Hi Barb - the key to the Openhand Approach is to recognise there's going to be some degree of soul in all distortions. If we try to simply dump the distortion or drop it like the proverbial "hot coals", then you drop the aspect of soul that was animating the behaviour. There are many times where I feel "hyper active" - however that feels like a fast vibration. The key is, can you slow down too? Or do you get locked in the hyper activity?

I find the soul ebbs and flows, sometimes fast and vibrant, sometimes gentle and peaceful. So in any activity, for me, it's about always watching how I'm being. Is there a conscious tuning into the sense of authentic beingness? Not getting lost in patterns but always watching for the next rhythm that wants to come through. And if ever there's unconscious automated behaviour, working to break down the attachment to that by getting inside the reactive loop, feeling where it's attaching, and opening that up.


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