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The short answer to your question "do we leave the body on the shift into 5D" is yes, AND no!

Firstly the inner work (when conducted correctly) helps you transcend the lower densities, meaning to equalise with them, reclaim the lost fragments of your soul buried there, to integrate soul, then to emerge through - you embody in the lower densities in an aligned way.

From this process, you then start to connect up to the higher dimensional self, which includes 5D consciousness, which you also begin to embody here and now. You come into a hybrid state, where you're following the 5D flow, yet still existing in a 3D body.

As you follow this embodiment process, you create something called the "Merkaba". This is where your higher 5D self encompasses your lower 3D self (to put it simply). It's often depicted as two interrelating diamonds like in the photo.

At this point you're living in a multidimensional hybrid state. This prepares you for the final shift that will take place on the earth where the great purification happens - a convergence of galactic, solar and earth pole shift sequences which will cleanse the lower 3D world completely.

Your 3D body will fall away in this process, upon which, assuming you're already ascended, then you'll continue on in the 5D new paradigm in your 5D vehicle.

We produced this video about the sense of what will take place during that process and coming fully into the Spirit Light Body in 5D...

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