Hi, I just started waking up in January this year and everything is coming to me pretty quickly but I'm still trying to understand it. I'm having pretty much all of those symptoms listed above. I have also been getting in touch with my guides more ( trying to ) and I have been spending more time outside and especially by one specific tree that I just feel drawn to and don't quite understand why. My question and I have a few are, I have 2 young children ages 8 and 6. My 8 year old is autistic and they have no idea what is going on in the world other than some virus going around and so I'm wondering what will happen to them in ascension? Will I still be their mother and care for them? My family are all stuck in 3D severely and it upsets me, but I'm feeling as if I can let them go if I have to is this normal? And if I let go of them, what happens to them if they don't ascend with me? We all live together so this is all a little hard to understand. When will we know the ascension has happens and will we feel anything or see anything happen? How do we live with the people stuck in 3D if we're in 5D? Just trying hard to understand. I'm enjoying the journey but just want to understand more.