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Greetings Mallory, welcome to Openhand 💙

Here in this community we're working to share the truth as we perceive it rather than what the ego might want it to be.

A great division is taking place through the pandemic, where plenty are buying into the controlling agenda of the shadowstate. At some level, my sense is they associate the control with security and so go willingly in that direction. This group is not going to ascend within this window - it may well take many more lifetimes.

You will certainly know that Ascension is happening to you in terms of a progressive consciousness shift, although that doesn't mean that you'd necessarily be able to define in words exactly what is going on. And that's not necessary. Someone with autism is just as likely to ascend as anyone else, perhaps more so than many, because the mind is less invested in the 3D. In many ways I see autistic people came here to embody expanded consciousness.

The key is always to focus on your own path, progressively integrate soul within, and that will naturally help those who are ready to be helped.

I think you'd find this film of Openhand's will help put things in perspective. Then if you need follow-up support, feel free to reach us

Very best wishes

Open 🙏