I've been searching all my life for my people. I have been going into the void all my life too. Only I call it disappearing because when It happens people can't see me. It usually happens while I am surrounded by nature and I noticed there are no ants or annoying flying, biting bugs. I can be sitting on the desert floor, normally ants everywhere but when I'm in that zone and really connecting with "God" I feel like it's a different dimension. No bugs while I'm there, no other people. Just me in the God zone because I needed to get away. It always happens when the pain or fear was too high and I couldn't take any more that I slipped away from 3D world so that I could rest and fill my heart with love and light. For a few hours I was safe, protected by nature with a slight glow about it all. I can communicate with everything. It's a knowing. Not with words, I mean I get the words in my mind on my side translated for my thinking but I can tell what plants and rocks are saying. I have even taken over a coyote den before and fallen asleep. When I came out a few hours later they were all so patiently waiting for me. They weren't aggressive at all and I could tell they were worried about me. I thanked them for allowing me to share their home and went back to 3D because my 2 dogs were there, where I was being tortured. I love when I am in the zone. I always am able to see the connection between living things and that even though life is scary or painful or not fair it is teaching me things very important and I get the lessons. My torturer would get mad and say, "how can you still laugh? How can you still sing?" I would just tell him because I let go and give it to God. I dont' feel the pain from 5 minutes ago.