hello you all. i am new here. i have become interested in 5D ascension ever since i saw the signs. i have experienced many strange experiences ever since january 21. it opened up my eyes. i have had depression, felt the void, have been vomiting white foam (i dont know if this is relevant????) and also having cloudy middle morning urine, but only the middle. is it normal to re experience sexual function after failing to achieve erection for over 15 years??? i have been eating a lot of spinach too, i recommend it. not the kind in a can like popeye hahaha (a joke). 

also, what are your thoughts on shivambu (urine) i have been doing it for 3 months now and i am beginning to see auras around people and other objects. this website has a red aura. what does that mean??? thank you for your time. soory i am an old man and i sometimes ramble :) 


Love and Okma