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Yes, I would say that definitely some of the symptoms you describe are Ascension related - the throwing up aspect often happens as the soul is integrating as a means of purifying out inner density. More than a physical phenomenon, it helps release karmic density.

Sexual activity will often come more strongly active as kundalini activates. A key thing here would be to channel the energies into breathing and creative expression. Check this article here...
Containing Sexual Kundalini through Tantra, To then Manifest Creatively

Certainly Shivambu (drinking your own urine and applying it to the body), can be a powerful purifying exercise - particularly for fasting. However, I would caution against over practice of it - let the intuition guide as to the best approach and how regular.

If you're experiencing Ascension Symptoms as you are, then I would consider coming along to Avalon Rising - the World Ascension Summit, coming up soon in August. It will help bring many things into perspective and help more strongly activate the shift for you...

Avalon Rising 2021: World Ascension Summit

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