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thank you sir for your reply. really makes an old man feel cared about for the first time in so long ever since i lost the wife an kids. ive been lost and searching for new purpose. i spend many of my days alone in my large house but it never made me happy. now i am feeling feelings i have not felt in years. a new purpose at last. i tell people about it but they do not care like you do. they do not want to talk about my symptoms. i have also experienced loss of apettite but have used it to better my fasting and meditation. i was also recently diagnosed with diabetes after not having it much of my life. ive felt very fatiged and itchy too. Is that common as well? i have been concered about the urine color for a while, but if it is the shift, you have put my mind at ease. i appreciate your love and compassion. thank you


Love and Yombu