Recently I was given a stark mirror that even the things that supposedly support my unfolding will need to be washed away in the 5D river at some point. 

Moving into my own place in a quiet, natural spot since breaking up with the mother of my children 3.5 years ago has given me an invaluable base in which to work on myself, feel through my stuff and establish and rock-like centred feeling inside. 

However, in the summer, many family and friends come to visit this nature and use my place as a base for that. This, along with an increasing exhaustion from the ever more energy sucking working conditions I'm in meant that I reached a point last week where I had to kick everyone out and just be with myself. 

While I see how time in my own space to myself is healthy to maintain a strong inner sense, I also notice how dependent I'm becoming on having that 'sanctuary' (my house). 

So, I've come to the realisation recently that even this wonderful place will have to be released to the universe too. At least on the inner plane. The thing is, even as a child I've always found it important to have a space to retreat to when I find myself getting lost in the impulses of the world around me. 

So now I begin the process of making the inner sanctuary my only sanctuary. One I can connect to at any time, in any place. I already know it well - it's just about remembering it's there. 

Thanks for reading. Reflections also welcome :-)