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Hi Rich - great to connect with you 👌💙

A couple of things spring to mind from your sharing. Firstly I totally concur, that it's essential to have your own private space to ground your energy in. Whether that's just one room or a cabin, a flat or so on, for me it doesn't matter. Whether with family friends or not, this breathing space is paramount, sacrosanct, and having that space I wouldn't give up for anyone or anything. To be clear, it may be that I move around, but always wherever I go, I make sure I recreate my own space, my own field and ground that within my own base. So one question would be, have you let yourself be overrun by friends and family? Why did you allow that?

Yes, I agree, everything will go as the shift unfolds, but I do believe the soul has requirements for particular conditons to support it's centredness and growth and so will most likely keep recreating this - some form of sacrosanct space - like some kind of "cave" or "temple". Of course the immediate surroundings are always the reflection of the inner and we carry the ultimate temple on the inner. Hence you'll likely get encouraged to move around through the soul's journey, but nevertheless, personally I find this immediate external space sacrosanct and if there's nothing of "me" getting in the way, it will always recreate.

Best wishes

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