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Hi Open,

Thank you for your reflection! Yes, I resonate with all of this. It's a good point that the outer is a reflection of the inner. As long as I connect with the inner sanctum then outer ones will manifest to support that Praying Emoji

To answer your question, I allowed/created that situation of being overrun from a feeling that I 'should' be inviting and allow my space to be used by those closest to me. It comes from a sense of fairness because others allow me to use their spaces and seem very fine with it. Just another reminder to stay true to myself, even if it means putting boundaries up which may have other consequences. Or to be more exact, to express those boundaries before they get broken in order to be clearer with others (and myself).

Also to work with the feeling of 'violation' I get when anyone except my children and girlfriend are hanging around my place. 

Thanks again!