This is a good forum topic. When I am meditating at home, I will lite some incense first. I start off doing some Reiki breathing exercises facing the picture window in my trailer. This is where the morning light shines in and I find it very relaxing. Then I listen to Binary Beats at a low volume as I meditate. Now when I am out in nature, that is a whole different story. I go barefoot for most trips and I talk to everything In sight. Rocks, trees, plants, water, Sentinel life, sky, all that is. If I am far enough away so not to be able to hear traffic or other man-made noises, I will turn my cell phone off, put it in my backpack and leave it a distance away. If I can hear noises I will compromise like Open does and listen to some music at a lower volume. These are just two of many ways I meditate.

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