Okay, so you won't always be able to pick the ideal location for your meditations, but you can make even small changes by just spending a few moments tuning in and feeling before you begin. The flow will always guide you. Even if you're at your desk, maybe just to move a yard or two away. Maybe best in the centre of the room? Or by a window as the sun comes in. Do switch off as much electricity as possible if you're in doors.

Today I was blessed. I've been out travelling on Dartmoor preparing for firming a new Openhand Doco, called "Paradigm Shift". I needed a place to stay, but the only one available at short notice was in a town; nevertheless it felt right to go. What I didn't know on arriving, was they had a beautiful stream  out back, where the stream drowned out any noise of traffic. It was awesome!

So following the flow will always guide to the right places, or subtle simply changes if you're quite restricted.

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