Of course spending plenty of time in meditation is crucial to the integration and infusion of soul, which determines well-being, unleashing of authentic beingness and alignment with the surrounding earth shift's of consciousness, where everything is interconnected.

Personally, I find the best way to approach general meditation to support this alignment, is to begin with no intention, other than to soften and explore into what is.

The breath is a great vehicle for this yes, and progressive deep relaxation. You're scanning through the body, locating tightness and working to soften into it - these will be the unconscious 'choke' points, where there are blind spots - alchemical points where the ego is closing the soul out and taking ownership of your conscious experience. You bring awareness into them, and give yourself permission to unwind. This progressively infuses soul into those places.

This way, the soul is facilitated in flowing more freely through the layers of the bodymind. The meditation can then lead to phenomenal experiences, and also simply much deeper peace and connection.

What's your experience of exploring tight points and softening in? What are the senses you get from it?

In loving support

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