That's a fascinating reflection Open. Fortunately i don't resonate with a disciplined approach in this lifetime. I went to a yoga class one year before. I quit after taking in the essence because it felt disciplined and invested in the postures and outcome from it. I remember having some judgements about the approach. Karma well maybe the case. Phew!! I'm also very much indian so a down to earth ashram appeals to me . Perfectionism is a huge distortion i have which i can see everywhere now. Its based on a false belief that i wont be accepted if im not perfect. For instance i recognize there is nothing wrong with wanting to be connected and heard here. Only when i think i need to perfect about it. Richard said something very significant to me along the line - we are already there in the aligned path if we are feeling the tightness. I found it illuminating. Yesterday i had the feeling of coming home with some imperfections.

I had an experience of working with a choke point today myself. It was related to appearing in the matrix (really that's the name of the institution I'm on ) tomorrow. I sat with the tightness for some time and felt the heat. The sunlight there was amplifying the heat. There were also a drone (watching) and a kite which felt significant for me. After sitting with it for some time and accepting i did openhand bow which opened up the choke point and i started to feel expanded and light. I understand now how the experience is defined by where you put your attention. After that there was also an imprint in the same location(solar plexus). Its still there. I tried listening to some emotive music which i couldn't get into. The mind was already filling up with some expectation. Any suggestion how to work with the imprint ?