Open, when i said i don't resonate with a disciplined approach , I didn't realize how disciplined my approaches already where and how restricted inside i already was. I would say the last few days i saw some tremendous opening up which gets reflected in the outside as well. This realization dropped with this particular exploration - That its not about feeling the expansiveness through the meditation and then holding on to it but continuously getting into the tightness and opening into the soul. I had a recollection of memories where I was considered as too much and asked to step down. When all i wanted to do was just let it loose and 'show off'.

I wanted to clarify with this experience i had today. Also i just wanted to share. Today when i went to class i was feeling a new sense of confidence and power. Since it was the birthday of one girl , i felt to ask if anyone wanted to sing. This one girl courageously stood up and started to sing. I was surprised myself. This was at six o clock in the morning and we are talking about a very rigid system where children are  literally beaten into submission. With this I simply had to sing too. It was so uplifting for me as well as the students. We were also making other teachers slightly uncomfortable. But at that moment i simply just didn't care. i was rejoicing in the new found confidence and flexibility. This i know happened as a direct result of opening into the tightness yesterday. 

I can see your current post already gives new tightness to work into. I thank you from the heart for sharing the the karmic reflection.

Vimal Praying Emoji