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Hi Aphroheidi,

I decided to respond on this thread instead, as it feels a bit more relevant than the other one.

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. So many profound elements, but the part I love the most is when you finally decide to chuck out the “I’m crazy” bit and start to really listen to the guidance you are being given. There is so much liberation that takes place at that moment. Like your whole perception of the world turns 180 degrees.

I went through something similar when I first started hearing the baby souls. It wasn’t just the realisation that they were really speaking to me, but also the sudden epiphany, that I had in fact always had this gift but never acknowledged it as anything more than figments of my vivid imagination. Earlier visions and experiences suddenly fell into place. Even the children themselves had appeared to me back in my twenties, leaving clues as to what might transpire further along in my life. It’s so amazing when you finally see it, isn’t it?

I want to thank you for the encouragement to shine my light and embrace life fully. This has always been one of my greatest challenges, but I feel so much support from the universe at the moment (through you, for example), I’m actually beginning to believe it is possible. 

Last night in my meditation I saw the seed of my soul as a tender flickering light. Its essence was of the purest innocence and intention. I held it ever so gently in my hands, as you would hold a baby or a tender flower. I felt into the fear of what other people might do to it, the sadness in the possibility of this light being misunderstood, threatened, put away, confined, even extinguished. I also felt the need to protect it, just like a parent is called to protect the innocence of a child. Not by building walls around it, but rather by creating space for it to just be and grow, until it gains enough momentum to take off of its own accord. Around this light of mine, there were a thousand other lights, just the same. Each moving through space in a little bubble, a bubble waiting to pop when the light inside grew strong enough to naturally explode it. It was beautiful. As I was watching this sight, the old gospel song repeated in my head...

🎶 This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine...Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine...🎶

Much love to you 🌟❤️🌟