Hey Jennaya & Eddie and others reading - it's great to have you tune in - your energy can be felt Thumbs Up Sign

I have a poor internet connection this morning, out in my eco cabin in the woods - but probably that's synchronistic, because today we take the group into deep stillness!

Last night everyone arrived safely from their varied locations across the world, from Iceland, from Finland, from Germany, from Ireland and even from the UK too! Openhanders truly are an international bunch. 

Being here is simply amazing. It really is like you just dropped into a scene from Lord of the Rings. Here's our amazing straw bale 8 sided studio. The energy in their is off the roof!

For anyone whose been following the Fasting Forum Thread, I've been "OMAD" fasting (one meal a day) for the last couple of weeks now. I've no intention of going back, this feel like the new 'normal', because it daily rejuvenates the body and maintains the expansiveness. But I did wonder what it would be like when surrounded by people eating on a course, especially whilst working quite hard energetically. So watching people eat last night was a touch of a challenge, but I applied the ancient Zen technique, which is simply to inhale the aroma, which did the trick nicely. It was a bit tough though when raw chocolate desert came out!

I can thoroughly recommend fasting as a means to deepen the inner inquiry and expand consciousness - it causes you to confront lots of inner tightness and density, but it activates and comes up quickly, at a physical, emotional and mental level. It's a great activator, and so the group will be engaged in some fasting to activate buried energies.

And stillness will be key in this first phase - solitude so as to go deep. We'll be applying the breakthrough breathing technique and inquiring into the nature of the self. Who are you? So I'll leave you with this inquiry and invite some stillness this weekend and some fasting. Even if you only miss a meal, and then inquire into the feelings - "equalise" into them, meaning become as-one with them.

Who are you? Let's find out - see you in the space between the spaces.

Love to all.

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