I flew into Egypt late December 2012, knowing that my trip would in some way coincide with the realignments going on around the solstice. But exactly what, and how, I did not know. Egypt of course, is a fascinating place, not just because of its antiquity and archaeology, but also because of the revolution in 2011. You could say it was at the anvil of a popular uprising across the Middle East. It’s no surprise, the region has always been an energetic convergence point throughout history: it was in this hot- bed bottleneck that Homo Sapiens stepped out of Africa; not to mention where Neanderthal met his demise. I couldn’t help but think the two events were linked: that much of the ethnic conflict in this region - the challenges, the complexities, the intolerances - were all karmic reflections stretching back into Sapiens prehistory, and the ‘marshalling’ of mankind.

It is the foreign currency of tourism that keeps modern-day Egypt afloat. Or at least it used to. The violence of the uprising, and the opportunistic influx of dogmatic religion, have made it a dark, dirty and dangerous place. I’m reminded that when you stir up the sediment at the bottom of the well of grief, the water is going to get distinctly muddy before it clears. Egypt is currently slip-sliding towards the very brink of the abyss. As tourist dollars dry up, there are precious few means for the people to scrape a meagre living, from the dusty and barren desert. Even the very attractions that lure people here, are falling into decay and disrepair. This, the foundation stone of modern civilisation, is a great mirror to all of society:

without exploitation of both the land and the people, the system does not work; and because excessive exploitation depletes the very source of the energy, something ultimately has to give.

Nowhere could you feel it more strongly than on the streets of Cairo. It had become a hotbed of revolutionary protest.

Appropriately, Benevolence had picked for me a beaten up hostel, a hair’s-breadth from the apex of Tahir Square, the centre of much of the unrest. “Thanks!” I inwardly projected. “You’re welcome. What better way to feel and empathise?” came the patient but firm response. I’d walked through war zones before, and this possessed all the latent chemistry to ignite another flaming tinder box: religious zealotry, poverty, frustration, anger, worthlessness, and hopelessness - all essential ingredients of the molotov cocktail. You could drink it in through the air, activating waves of anticipation and nervous expectation. There’s a need to tread very carefully indeed - “Just like walking on eggshells, Grasshopper!”

Somehow, I could feel the link to the pyramids, across the other side of the city, in Giza. It seemed those foundation blocks of modern society had been the source of this division: this control and manipulation, which could only be contained - sarcophagus like - for so long. At some point, no matter how heavy the cofin lid, the agitation of inequity and injustice would shatter it, and toss its broken pieces aside. It felt like what was beginning to happen here in Egypt, was a wider prophecy for modern day society.

Of course the Giza Plateau is visually stunning, that is, once you’ve traversed the festering decay of the broken communities on its doorstep. How the once mighty have fallen! They rightly say: ‘pride comes before a fall’, and pride would have played a considerable part in the construction of such megaliths. I can clearly recall, sitting near the temple of the Sphinx, at the entrance to the Giza Plateau, marvelling, as the busy throng of eager tourists wound their way up to the main attraction: the three pyramids sitting on top of the plateau. The Sphinx was clearly well placed, as the tourists passed reverently by. What an incredible beast to keep watch, to impress and persuade: what could it be saying I wondered?

As the thought wafted into my consciousness, like a stirring desert breeze, I was sitting side-on to the mysterious lion-shaped creature, with the wave of tourists winding upwards behind me. The Sphinx construction is nothing short of miraculous in human terms. It had been cut from the surrounding sandstone bedrock. Apparently, according to modern-day Egyptologists, it had been hewn out with very basic hand cutting tools. The ‘waste’ blocks so cut, were then positioned with rope and pulley, to form the Sphinx temple. Really?

The creators commonly used two hundred tonne blocks, cut with the finest precision, then lifted more than forty feet into the air, supposedly by block and tackle. Really? I find the idea simply incredible. It’s been shown that a team of twenty highly experienced personnel, working with the most advanced modern- day cranes, could not position the blocks in such a way. To me, it is practically certain, that only some form of advanced technology could have performed such a feat. Either early civilisations were much more sophisticated than the history books show, or else we can only speculate, that highly advanced, external ‘help’ must have mastered it. At some later point, surfing the internet and allowing resonant inner feeling to land, this particular penny dropped:

polarity - every atom possesses it. Reverse the polarity through the application of appropriate sound technology and you don’t have to lift a thing. Levitation can happen by reversing polarity within the molecules of the stone. The block is then repelled from the natural polarity of the Earth. It literally lifts itself!

You can just imagine the impact on the already mightily respectful Egyptian population: “Gods” - there would be no other appropriately reverent term. And so what about the Sphinx itself? What message might it convey? It would appear that the original form has been masked with a touch of reworking, by some slightly egotistical Pharaoh! What brings me to say this? Look from the side- on: is it really the face of modern man? It certainly isn’t: the lower jaw protrudes much too far forwards. Indeed, the proportions are more reminiscent of an early human, perhaps even Neanderthal.

Now that’s fascinating when you consider the symbology: the head of an early human on the body of a lion, adorned with the headdress of a cobra. As the endless weave of tourists continued to wind their way upwards behind me, my eyes narrowed, and I slipped back in time. What might the Sphinx have said to the local population as they passed respectfully by?... “We, your gods, have created you. From the humble hominid, we the Serpent People, have made you king of the Beasts.” And of course unsaid, but quietly implied: “We are your masters, bow to us, and we will bestow upon you the divinity you desire.” Why would they not make their way reverently up to the ‘Great Pyramids’?

I’d sat inside the second pyramid at the beginning of the day, to gain some reflective quietness, before the tourists arrived en masse, in their brightly coloured coaches. Unless you’re already half dead, the pyramids simply cannot fail to impress. They’re a stunning testament to incredible building skills, astounding mathematics, and deep cosmological knowledge. Those who built them, were no simple peasants. Far from it: the three main pyramids are aligned exactly with the four cardinal points (North, South, West, East); the proportion of the height to the perimeter of the base, is the exact same as that of the North Pole to the Earth’s equator. How, at the time, could they possibly have known these dimensions?

It gets even more impressive: inner measurements contain not only the mystical gure of pi, but also the speed of light (yes indeed!); and, according to impressive pioneering work by the alternative researcher Robert Bauval, the three pyramids are aligned exactly with the belt of the constellation Orion, as it was in 10,450 BC. This in itself is fascinating for two key reasons. Firstly, contrary to traditional Egyptology, the Sphinx itself was more likely built, not in 2,500 BC, but rather the 11th millennium BC, just after the end of the last Ice Age, as the flood waters receded. It’s been clearly shown in the weathering, which could only have happened through intense rain - exactly the conditions at the end of the Ice Age in the 11th millennium BC.

The second reason, is that in 10,450 BC, the constellation Orion would have been at its lowest point in the sky, in what’s known as “The Precession of the Equinoxes”. Clearly, this was another important milestone to the ancient Egyptians, and whoever guided them.

The pyramids would have been capped in gold, a super conductor of energy, and this is what activated in my awareness next. As I sat in the centre of the second pyramid, millions of tonnes of focussing rock directly above my head, I could feel two distinct effects happening: firstly, there was a low base frequency, which seemed to draw my lower soul vibration down into the earth; secondly, there was a higher frequency, which seemed to separate my higher self, drawing it upwards into the Fourth Density. The effect was probably only a mild ripple of what it would have been, with the gold keystone intact.

To knowingly understand what’s really going on, you’d have to be very sensitive to your energetic field; you’d also need an advanced degree of integration between your higher and lower self. In other words: you’d have to be either enlightened or pretty close to it. If, on the other hand, higher and lower self were not fully integrated, you wouldn’t notice the separating effect; a subtle shift into the higher frequencies would probably feel quite blissful. Plus, you’d activate various healing and psychic gifts - a window would be opened into the ‘heavens’ so to speak. Except this would not be integration with the higher densities - bringing them down inside yourself. It would only be an illusionary bubble, in the Fourth Density. Clever. Very clever indeed.

What about the various ‘star channels’? Cut with pinpoint accuracy, one in particular is directed perfectly down from the constellation Sirius, and another from Draco. Perhaps it was meant as a clue to where the Serpent People - the Annunaki - and others in their ‘alliance’ (a theme I’ll return to later) descended from? Maybe the pyramids were also meant as energy channels and as locating devices for inter-dimensional travel between the star systems?

As these questions and realisations landed, I had the strong urge just to leave. Being in the heart of the pyramid, encased under millions of tonnes of energy-harnessing stone, made me feel pretty unwell. It was like a more intense version of standing directly under an electricity pylon. So I gingerly edged my way back along the very small channels back towards the entrance. Unfortunately, by now, a long line of tourists were scurrying their noisy way, ant-like, through the tiny, claustrophobic corridors towards me. It delayed my exit, and with that, intensified the feeling in my solar plexus.

No doubt about it, I was very much relieved to get out and drink in some fresh air; to feel my field reharmonising, integrating and centring once more; to experience the tightened coils in my gut unwinding and unravelling. It was a welcome relief indeed. Yet, I could imagine that for those already pressurised by a society of control, the activated Fourth Density connection would feel pretty impressive: the frequencies radiating through the pyramid, might well heal the hybrid human body; but it's still a hybrid, with submerged, disempowering frequencies - just as billions are desensitised today, by excito-toxins and electrosmog.

One can only imagine - or regress into - the ceremonies that took place within the pyramids: what light might have been harnessed; what energy channelled through the gold capped apex? Certainly, it would have been enough to propel a soul up out of the body, and thereby out of the dehumanising pain. Thus, I can imagine, the Egyptian 'commoners' would have felt contrastingly quite expanded, and liberated, from their daily toils. Of course they’d be thankful and subservient to the ‘gods’ that had ‘helped’ them. Maybe they thought they’d been rendered divine by the process? It’s a theme I’d witness directly, at first hand, later in the journey.

You have to wonder at the enormity of it: just 13,000 years of technological ‘development’ later - practically the blink of Gaia’s eye - and yet the Serpent has almost complete control over society. Who would have dreamt it?

The Giza Plateau was overcast that day, with an almost reddish smog. But as I was leaving, just for a few minutes, the smog parted directly over the second pyramid, the one in which I’d been sitting; a space opened for a few welcome rays of sunlight. Indeed, it was a curiously shaped hole in the clouds: looking very much like the head of a snake.

Sensing I was about to be shown something important, my attention focussed keenly. As two smaller clouds drifted across the open gap, there was simply no mistaking it: now, with its two eyes staring down from the heavens, the synchronistic pattern in the sky, looked very much like the head of a cobra. My pulse quickened, and as I squinted to look closer, the head morphed into a spacecraft, from which shafts of light were beaming down towards the pyramid’s apex. Yes, it was my perception, but I’d certainly not created it in my mind. It was a higher-dimensional ‘conversation’:

in no uncertain terms, I’d been shown the head of the cobra - exactly what its purpose in society was - and, still, very much is.

The Team made it abundantly clear to me, that the time had come to unwind this unwelcome Intervention, to ‘strike off’ the head of the snake. The knowing was strong in my heart, that Benevolence was gathering to facilitate this. It was also clear from other experiences I’d had in Berlin, that at least some elements of the Opposing Consciousness alliance - the Annunaki, represented by the cobra’s head - were now ready and willing to leave. It seemed they had accepted their destiny to heal, evolve and realign with the Source. ‘But how would that be facilitated?’ I wondered. The Valley of the Kings, containing underground tombs of many of the Pharaohs - those who had so worshipped the Annunaki - beckoned strongly. It was in that direction, that the realigning flow directed me next....

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