A heart-felt pull had drawn me out into the deserts of Arizona. I’d always resonated with the message of the Hopi Elders. They’d spoken of “The Great Purification”, as they’d termed it. What exactly did that mean? As my shaman friend, Ken, and I approached the ancient Hopi settlement of Oraibi, the oldest settlement in America, it was already dusk. We’d driven several hours across wide open plains, a vast untouched landscape, punctuated now and again by the most majestic of mountains. The landscape was speaking to us. As the clouds danced across the heavens, the feeling was other- worldly, transcendent, Ascensionary.

We made first for the Hopi Prophecy Stone, a depiction of how the elders thought mankind’s tenure here on Earth was going. The carving depicts (amongst other things), two possible paths for mankind: one, that of ever increasing technology, leading to sudden oblivion; the other, natural realignment with nature, leading to a renewed life in a renewed world. They spoke of nine signs that would signal the beginning of the Great Purification, the final one being the return of the Blue Star Kachina (a Kachina is what I would interpret as a ‘deva’ - a cosmic soul that unites a particular species or group consciousness). Some believe all nine signs have already been fulfilled; the ninth being the falling to Earth of the space station Skylab in 1979, which looked blue as it came into the atmosphere.

When I heard about this incident, I instantly felt something twinge strongly inside: a deeper meaning, a deeper synchronous message. What spoke to me was 'the falling of the skies'. 'What did that mean?' I wondered. I was reminded of the images I'd seen during my car-crash-incarnation. I sensed some major reconfiguration in our atmosphere taking place, which would radically change the biosphere of our planet. The Hopi spoke of fire. Perhaps it would be 'fire from the sky?' At the time I didn't know, but I knew that if it was important, I'd be shown exactly what it meant, somewhere further down the path.

That night, as we le the stone, for some particular reason we took the wrong dirt track, ending up lost in the middle of the desert, forced to retrace our steps. I was reminded that no mistake is ever a mistake, unless you fail to learn by it. And the Universe will sometimes play games with you, because it ‘wants’ you to step beyond the ego to get some important message or other. So our diverted wanderings in the darkness, through the desert, meant that in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, a meteor - with shades of blue in it - streaked across the night sky and came down directly in front of us, way off in the distance.

It was one of those divine messages that quickens your pulse and races your breathing. You don’t debate truth as some intellectual pontification: I find this the least inspiring trait of Sapiens...

When the Universe grabs you by the balls however, and asks: “are you getting this one?”, you certainly don’t want to deaden your feelings with some mind-led debate.

And just to be certain I was reading clearly, my trip to the States concluded in Santa Monica, meditating on the beach at dawn, my attention drawn to a brightly lit, morphing ferris wheel. The very last image in the sequence was a blue star. No, I didn’t need to engage in some tiresome debate with the intellect, this was the mother tongue of the Universe speaking loud and clear; there was not one shred of doubt in my being...

All nine signs were already complete and The Great Purification had begun.


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