I was flying on the out-stretched wings of Pegasus - the mythical horse that carries souls between Earth and heaven. Only this time, it was Pegasus the Turkish charter company, and I was flying in an aircraft! The point is, I’d booked the flight through an online agency, and didn’t know I’d be flying with Pegasus until I boarded the craft. Before you awaken, I know such synchronicities wouldn’t even register, or if they did, perhaps with only an ironic laugh and a joke. However, when you unfold back into multi-dimensionality, the Universe will use every possible method to tune you back into its mother tongue. Like for example, the security firm “Orion”, who were controlling ground security for the interconnecting flight into Mesopotamia, my next destination: Orion being a key source of the Opposing Consciousness...

These ‘metaphoric interplays’ don’t just happen by chance; in the Divinicus reality, there is no such thing as a coincidence!

I was travelling out to the ancient archaeological site of Göbekli Tepe, in the heart of Mesopotamia, between the biblical rivers Euphrates and Tigris. It’s just a stone’s throw North from the warring turbulence of Syria. If there was indeed some kind of truth around the Noah's Arc story, some speculate it could have come to rest on Mount Ararat, just a couple of days journey to the East. However, it was the extraordinary carvings on the temple pillars at Göbekli Tepe that drew me: mystical creatures, carved with a great sense of empathy, deep respect and love. You had the sense that there was something other-worldly, and very sacred, about the site.

Göbekli Tepe sits on top of a mountain ridge (some speculate seven hills, mirroring in layout, the seven sisters of the Plaiedes). And as I wound my way up through the arid landscape, the main dig was sitting on top of hill number five; the numeral '5' having been carved into the hillside - presumably, by the archaeologists working the site. Yet again, the probable significance of the 5GATEWAYS was already spiking in my awareness: there was that “aha” sense, that stirs a wry smile, lighting up your heart. So what would this site be about? Clearly the signs were already pointing to some kind of sacred place with ascending energies - perhaps a portal.

What I came to love about Göbekli Tepe, is that it completely defies convention and accepted mainstream ‘wisdom’. At around 11,000 years old, it must have been built after the Great Flood, that swept across the Earth at the end of the last Ice Age. The traditional historical record, about human population, is that advanced civilisation developed with the Sumerians at around 5000 BC, in the same general area. So when a humble farmer discovered the tip of one of Göbekli Tepe’s two hundred intricately carved pillars, protruding out of the ground, the site must have become an unwelcome thorn in the side of all those with vested interests in the traditional view...

It could only have been an advanced civilisation that built this, yet several thousand years earlier, when man was still meant to be living in the ‘stone age’ - how it reminded me of the chromosome inconvenience that mainstream science would also rather sweep under the proverbial rug!

The fact that this huge, elevated site had been purposefully buried under tonnes of sandy earth, was yet another reason why Göbekli Tepe has generated such intriguing mystery. Who was trying to hide it, and what were they trying to hide exactly?

Maybe the ‘boys’ from Orion weren’t too keen on this place being discovered either!

As I wandered through the site, a deep sense of reverence and empathic love arose effortlessly within me, as if one of the many carved birds was sweeping me aloft. Yes, those who built this, must have had a deep respect and admiration for animals. But the creature that intrigued me most, was a carving that looked suspiciously like a crocodile, pointing downwards into the earth -

'Their representation of the raptor consciousness? I wondered. Maybe this was a last bastion of Original Humanity, leaving a message about the Intervention that had swept across the Earth like a plague? Maybe it was a portal of Ascension into the heavens - maybe an 'Island in the Storm'?

Göbekli Tepe is now a popular tourist attraction, but fortunately, at one key point, the small crowd cleared away, leaving the site empty, and as the sun began to smile through the cloudy skies, I settled quickly into a deeply sublime meditation. The speed with which the vibrational resonance opened me up confirmed it...

Yes, Göbekli Tepe was some kind of island in the surrounding storm of consciousness; yes, it was a portal, sweeping me internally into the higher paradigm of the Fifth Density.

And it still retained much of its elevational power today, despite having been purposefully buried for thousands of years. No wonder the Intervention didn’t want people finding and working with this site. Just like other ‘Islands in the Storm’ that you can find around the world, this would have had a deeply realigning impact on those who used it, punching a gaping hole in the matrix.

I was reflecting on this some while later (Pegasus having flown me back to the UK) whilst at a similar sacred site on Dartmoor - a rugged, untouched and untainted stretch of moorland in South West England. Although the countryside is very different, the sense of unviolated ‘Island in the Storm’ was equally palpable. And it too has hosted many an advanced spiritual culture, for very similar reasons to Göbekli Tepe. I could well imagine a universal connection between the Druids of the moors, and the Shamans who must have carved those Mesopotamian pillars.

On this particular day, I’d been guided to a stream, to meditate on a boulder in mid-current. It was a staring-eye meditation, and very quickly, I got the sense of being completely at one with the rushing water, as its cleansing energy gushed right through me. It was then that Gaia spoke to me, clearly, once again - but of course not in words.

My attention was spiked and drawn to other boulders in the stream. I strongly got the sense, that the stream was representing the great flow of realignment, as it swept unclean energy away. But what was the significance of the boulders?...

All around the world, as the Great Realignment strips away the old reality, there will appear ‘Islands’ - multi-dimensional places - to where consciously tuned in people would be drawn and, as much as possible, protected from the worst of the realigning deluge to come. Those with the emerging Divinicus consciousness, would help establish community groups, and use the remaining time to assist as many as possible to shift into the higher paradigm. These Islands in the Storm would be as ‘arks’ for humanity’s Ascension.

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