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When you consider the chromosome count, of how Homo Sapiens mysteriously lept from 48 chromosomes in Great Apes to 46 in Humans, it becomes a no-brainer that these weren't natural mutations. It's a minimum of 4 SIMULTANEOUS changes that happened all at once - 2 in a male and the same 2 in a female. But even then, the two new humans had to have been in the same time and place for all modern humans to then descend with 46 chromosomes. And it would have taken a great deal of engineering for the 2nd and 3rd chromosomes to mysteriously join - especially when you consider this is an evolutionary disadvantage because it causes infertility and genetic disorder.

The great alternative researcher Lloyd Pye described the odds of this chromosome "mutation" happening by chance as... simliar to a Tornado ripping through a scap heap and creating a 747 jet.

If you're intrigued, read more in the serialisation today (scroll above) and consider getting the book -
it is for sure a fascinating and illuminating inquiry!

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