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Highly synchronistically this video clip came to me just before posting my lastest DIVINICUS serialisation about the "Snake People" and Egypt - those who engineered modern Homo Sapiens (see above). The video is about humans with elongated heads that have been found in various places across the planet, from Peru to Malta to China. I have direct knowing of these kinds of incarnations from past personal experiences on Malta. They are hybridised DNA "elite" humans - created by the Annunaki to control civilisation.

What we need to be aware of, is the story that's now being presented: Just as the pandemic propaganda machine is in full swing to control human perceptions, so is the presentation of the Ancient Annunaki as Humanity's "Benevolent" seeding ancestors. I have the clear perception that they'll be re-presented further down the line as humanity's ET "saviours" as we approach the culmination of the Earth Shift - "saviours" as in relocating people off planet in what will actually be the culmination of the soul "harvest" - the further enslavement of human souls.

Notice in the video how the perception of the these ancient architects is being sugar-coated. Unfortunately this is widespread in the mainstream spiritual media. And why, whenever you get remotely close to the actual truth, your work is threatened and heavily censored. Let's be clear: intentional manipulation of human DNA to get the hybridised slave species Homo Sapiens was definitely NOT in human interests!

This is something we've explored in detail for the upcoming Ikonic Documentary: "Intervention and the Galactic Superwave", due out later this summer.

For now, here's the highly distorted (to my mind!) view of Homo Sapiens Ancient Ancestors. Be wary!...