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At the time of visiting the Prophecy Stone in Hopi Lands, I didn't understand what they meant by "The Blue Star Kachina" - it being the 9th sign indicating the Great Purification had begun. But I did know that it would lead to "the falling of the skies" - in some way, shape or fashion. It wasn't until I came across the work of Dr Paul LaViolet who'd been exploring the nature of Galactic Superwaves that the penny dropped in one of those Eurka moments. Dr LaViolet had been studying cosmic dust sediment in the Antarctic and Greenland Icesheets and discovered cyclical "pulses" from the galactic core that infuse our solar system every 12,000 years or so. These Galactic Superwaves blanket the sun with cosmic dust, take it into 3 days of darkness before then exploding in a Micronova Event. This to me is the meaning of the "falling of the skies" phraseology that had been gifted to me out of the ether. But my attention really spiked when he described the arrival of the Galactic Superwave as a "Blue Star" in the heavens - the "Blue Star Kachina" as the Hopi termed it (my whole body is shivering as I write!).

This is what prompted me to produce this Openhand Video to bring wider awareness to this critical subject of our times. Is any taking notice? Unfortunately (and by Opposing Consciousness design) people's attentions have been directed to the ongoing machinations of the pandemic. Next it will be the "alien invasions" either come to destroy humanity or save him. Then it will be about "going off planet" to keep the human race alive. When in fact what we really need to discover is our deepest spiritual selves - to stand long on this planet and allow the Great Purification to sweep away the old karmic construct. The whole process will reveal the bright new DIVINICUS, as a divine diamond, forged in the crucible of great transformation.